Melissa L

I recently made my 1st dental appointment in over 8+ years. I have always done very well about assuring my family sees the dentist every 6 months. I however, had a great deal of anxiety about going for myself. I have been taking my daughter to Dr. Mount since she was about 8, and she has had cleanings, teeth pulled, Novocain shots, etc- and never ONCE was it a “bad situation.” The ladies are always so
caring and concerned for her. I thought, if she can do this, I can too. I FINALLY made the appointment. I was evaluated more thoroughly than ANY doctor I’ve ever visited. Upon my visit, Dr. Mount addressed an issue that I had (I was COMPLETELY unaware of the side effects this problem caused or that it was something simply correctable) – and in a single visit, the daily headaches I have been living with for years were GONE! Next, I moved on to my cleaning – THIS WAS SCARY FOR ME. Dr. Mount’s assistant, Yvonne was the sweetest, most assuring hygienist I have EVER experienced. At the end of my “intense” cleaning (due to my own neglect), I was beyond elated. I never felt any discomfort, my anxiety subsided completely before she was through and I was eager to follow up.

You would be surprised at the effects your teeth can have on your entire body. I would recommend Dr. Bob Mount and his staff’s care to everyone- young and old!!!