Melissa L

I recently made my 1st dental appointment in over 8+ years. I have always done very well about assuring my family sees the dentist every 6 months. I however, had a great deal of anxiety about going for myself. I have been taking my daughter to Dr. Mount since she was about 8, and she has had cleanings, teeth pulled, Novocain shots, etc- and never ONCE was it a “bad situation.” The ladies are always so
caring and concerned for her. I thought, if she can do this, I can too. I FINALLY made the appointment. I was evaluated more thoroughly than ANY doctor I’ve ever visited. Upon my visit, Dr. Mount addressed an issue that I had (I was COMPLETELY unaware of the side effects this problem caused or that it was something simply correctable) – and in a single visit, the daily headaches I have been living with for years were GONE! Next, I moved on to my cleaning – THIS WAS SCARY FOR ME. Dr. Mount’s assistant, Yvonne was the sweetest, most assuring hygienist I have EVER experienced. At the end of my “intense” cleaning (due to my own neglect), I was beyond elated. I never felt any discomfort, my anxiety subsided completely before she was through and I was eager to follow up.

You would be surprised at the effects your teeth can have on your entire body. I would recommend Dr. Bob Mount and his staff’s care to everyone- young and old!!!


Sherri H

I feel completely comfortable at Dr. Mount’s office and always look forward to my dental visits. He is a wonderful, talented dentist and his staff is fabulous. If you want quality dentistry with a doctor and staff that care about you, this office is the place to be.



Visiting Dr. Mount’s office is comfortable and they make you feel like family! You are assured that they know what they are doing when providing dental care.

I do recommend Dr. Mount, his staff, and their services to my family and friends.

Diana P

As for my experience of being a patient of Dr. Mount’s it has been very rewarding. Everyone at his office makes me feel so welcome and at home. Dr. Mount has done for me what other dentists refused to do and said it could not be done. He gave me a smile and a healthy mouth, and teeth. I no longer hide from the camera and my hand no longer covers my mouth.

I would recommend 1hat everybody visit dr. mount so that they will have the best possible care available and to be smiling like I am. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for all the special care.

Diana P.